Our Monthly Networking Leaders

Our Monthly Networking Leaders

Top Networkers & New Members for April 2019

What gets measured….gets treasured.

At the BNI Accelerators we track all contributions by every member.  Referrals brought in, visitors brought, dollar-value generated by those referrals and many other key factors are counted, recorded and analyzed.  Top producers in various categories are recognized and awarded each month.  For the month of April 2019, here are the leaders of the BNI Accelerators

Most Referrals Given

This is a simple statistic showing the most referrals generated by members.  This month the leaders were

  1. Darcy Berrington of Aire-Serv Heating & AC  (15)
  2. Tyrone Walford of Worthy Construction  (8)
  3. Margaret Hemphill of Best Version Media  (8)


Most Money Generated For Others

This is a very important category.  Not all referrals are created equal.  The actual dollar value matters.  Here are the cumulative dollar amounts BROUGHT into the group over the month by the 3 leaders:

  1. Garret Wong of Upper Edge Property Management  ($20,799)
  2. Darcy Berrington of Aire Serv Heating & AC  ($14,225)
  3. Bo Kauffmann of REMAX performance realty   ($6,563)


Highest Overall C.A.T. score

the C.A.T. (Chapter Accountability Tracking) score is the aggregate value combining all of the above, and more.  Gain points for bringing referrals, visitors, etc,  but lose points for missing meetings.  Our April 2019 Leaders were:

  1. Darcy Berrington of Aire-Serv Heating & AC  (score of 41…  holder of the Blue Badge)
  2. Garret Wong  of Upper Edge Property Management  (34)
  3. Bo Kauffmann of REMAX performance realty  (28)


Welcome to our Newest Member

This month we saw the addition of a member in the SEO – Digital Marketing  field.  We welcome

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